Halo monks
halo monks is a upcoming series that has 10 episodes planned

the trailer was released in february

in late february the first 5 episodes titles were released

1. sins

2. jiggy jigsaw

3. monky school

4. wedding crashers

5. drugs and violence


monk Jon is arrested for drugs and is taken to court but all the prisons are full so he is sent to a monastry where he make lots of sins but is forced to stop because of monk tom and monk ted.

in episode 2 monk ted is kidnapped and put in a van by jigsaw.

episode 3 the trio are told to go to the monastry school

episode 4 tom is having a wedding but Jon and Ted decide to stop it.

episode 5 no details - this episode is set 6 months after episode 1

episode 6 no details

episode 7 no details

episode 8 jon steals somethings from the army and is classed as a terrorist so the army attacks the monastry and ted tries to escape in a warthog but it is blown up with him in

episode 9 ted is still alive and the trio hijack the tank to stop the army

episode 10 the series finale. the 3 enter a cave to discover a dragon that shoots golfballs and ted plans a suicide mission to stop it.

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