middle finger to sanity started on the 28th of june with the 1st episode getting over 140 views in 1 week.

the 2nd episode got 128 in 3 days.

getting less views each episode.

after episode 3 instead of episode 4 it was episode 3.5 with a guest appearance from sam king who owns the youtube account HaMmYSammY45 and the account explosiveproductins. he made another guest appearance on the 5.5 episode.

episode 4 was deleted due to copyright issues but was allowed back on youtube.

the first 7 epiaodes were uploaded on mrjakmanuk's account and now the 8th episode is yet to come.

the show stars jack watson, katie atherton and ben watson as the hosts, lucas hughes as the cameraman.

in it they review movies and xbox/playstation games and make fun of achievments on games.

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