the milkman is a video series that first got heard about by it's trailer that got 150 views. it's about jamie lappel a nerd at school who gets hit by a radioactive rod from doctor yoghurt or known as by jamie nurse yoghurt.

episode 1 - let the milking begin. - 18th june

jamie is at the park where his older but smaller brother fights him until jamie starts crying. 5 minutes later a man in a black hoodie hits jamie with a radioactive rod to impress doctor yoghurt with his skills of fury. jamie goes back home to only be hit by his brother by a soft foam ball. his brother goes away after. you then see doctor yoghurt talking to the black hoodie man who then reveals himself to be jamie's brother tom

episode 2 - raising cain. - 5th july 2011

doctor yoghurt knocks on jamie's door to check on the subject where she says that she is selling carrots.

he buys some carrots and then tells his brother who then trys to fight him but jamie easily beats him.

he says don't mess with the pizzaman to his brother despite the fact that from then on he is called the milkman.

he finds doctor yoghurt spying on him and beats her. then she starts training to kill him.

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